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Our IT company was created to refute stereotypes about IT services IT for companies and business processes. We prove that the support offered by a specialized IT company is not a cost, but a pure profit, that IT specialist is not a guy in a flannel shirt, but open to talk and cooperation professional, that the optimization of the company does not end with changing of server and that there is no such thing as an "almost" satisfied customer. We also know that you've heard this type of talk before and it makes a similar impression on you like the fact that tomorrow will come another day, but has any IT company let you actually check its slogans for free in real life?

It's not like we will let you do it... We are saying to you – come, check it out!
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+48 608 206 721 biuro@inprox.pl


See what convinced so many companies from Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot and surrounding areas to co-operate with us.


Our Gdańsk IT company has specialists from many fields from IT and network engineers through servers administrators and Front and Back-end programmers, to trainers and certified auditors. In addition, thanks to many years of cooperation with external companies, we can provide teletechnical, electrotechnical services or services in the field of automation.


Without a doubt, this is the motto of our IT services. Every cooperation with a new company we start with the analysis of needs and the initialization audit. Contracts are always executed on time and according to established SLA standards. We support our costumers with consultancy services, training and purchase of advanced IT devices.


Currently, for the company, the most valuable owned thing is data. That's why, its safe and lawful storage is so important. Thanks to us you have a possibility to perform the security audit service as well as to implement, among others, personal data protection systems, trainings for employees in the field information security, ABI outsourcing or ISO / IEC 20000, ISO / IEC 27001 and ISO 22301 standards.


We know how difficult it is to trust a new contractor, especially in such sensitive area like IT services. We also know that actions speak louder than words. Therefore, you can be sure that entrusting us with looking after the IT department in your company, all data will be secure, and all information will remain confidential. Many Tricity companies – our clients – have already checked this out before you .

Response time

Often it happens, than an extended response to failures may not only turn out to be a waste of time, but often the loss of the contractor, new project or data. That is why, dealing with raised ticket should start almost straight away. When working with our company, we guarantee you time reactions of up to 30 minutes in Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot and service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week included in the subscription price. In addition, we store all the requests in the Helpdesk system so that by analyzing them and implementation of appropriate solutions, we are able to eliminate the possibility of errors occurrent.


We treat each company individually, because we know that each of them is different. Range of services, reaction time, number of interventions, number and type of employees, price or payment date are just some of the aspects we negotiate with our contractors. In addition, we are always prepared for unusual situations like Sunday failures, increased installation works, support in solving an unconventional problem, taking up an innovative project or the implementation of a service that goes beyond the sphere of IT.


A chart built on trust.





Our key IT services

IT support for companies

We offer IT support for small, medium and large companies from Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot and the whole Pomeranian province in every range and model while maintaining high quality standards, SLA and security. See the price list of our services!

Outsourcing of IT staff

We rent, in the form of long and short-term, IT specialists in the field of server administration, programming or support. We provide at the same time continuity of work (no vacations or let offs) and full responsibility for entrusted works.

Creating an application

We design and create websites, dedicated applications working in network environment and locally, IT systems for companies and tailored software. You can use our services also in hourly form. Check the price per hour. NEW

Administration of servers

We manage the work of servers and services based on systems from the Unix family (Linux, Solaris) and Windows Server systems. We watch over issues of security and stable operation of databases and installed applications, reacting at the same time to any detected errors or failures.

Consoulting IT

We provide consulting services in the implementation of individual IT solutions, among others, matching specialist software like ERP, CRM, DMS, KD, RCP, MES systems, reconstruction of network infrastructure or purchase of specialized equipment.


We carry out audits for companies, among others, initialization ones, security ones, the source code of the application ones or the legitimacy of the software ones, giving at the same possibility of stable and optimal company’s development in the field of IT.


... and it started a few years ago in Gdansk :)
Inprox Board

We remember, as if it was today, when we were talking about founding a genuine IT company, when we were not even partners yet. We started, as it usually happens, from the blank page on which we noted the most important aspects of the Gdańsk IT company that we wanted to establish. It surprised us that we both wrote the "crew" in the first place. Up to this day nothing has changed in this matter. We are still convinced that the company is people, not a building or a profit statement. I think that, as one of a few companies in the IT industry, we pay attention during recruitment not only to a candidate’s competences or education, but also his way of being, communicativeness or ability to work in a group. Probably, some of readers now are wondering if such approach in the IT industry could have proven to be efficient… We are convinced that yes. From the beginning of the existence of our IT company, every year we employ at least twice as many employees, and such factor as staff rotation does not affect us at all. Currently, we can boast of having the harmonious and fully competent team of people with positive approach to life and work and full of passion. With full responsibility we can state that thanks to them we are now one of the leaders in the IT industry, not only in Gdansk, Gdynia or Tricity, but also in Poland.




We have the largest Polish companies in our portfolio