A local WWW system for managing the production process in a medium-sized company (printing / embroidery / engraving). It allows to enter orders for implementation, workstations, employees and keeps track of the order through the next steps of the indicated process.



The original CRM system based on the browser used by Inprox to handle offers, orders and invoicing. It has a simple interface and a system of periodic notifications of clients about debt and other events.


TeleMarketing Manager

A local WWW system for managing the conduct of marketing conversations and acquiring customers. An ideal tool for call center and medium / large companies, where several employees of the sales department are operating at the same time. Simple interface and configurable statuses and notes from conversations.



A platform supporting the management of an educational institution that allows for run an electronic journal, lesson plan, generation of certificates and assessment sheets, and granting access to the system to parents and students. It also has an integrated library management module.


System HelpDesk

System for reporting issues and planned works used in the ServiceDesk. It allows simultaneous support of many companies by many repairers. Fully integrated with the email server and at the database level with the OCS Inventory system.


Auction portal

Multilingual system for online auction sales of valuables. It has the ability to present photos in 360o, PAYPal / dotPAY payment system and has mobile applications for the iOS and Android platforms.