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IT outsourcing?

Yes! This is the best solution for companies that want to get professional support in IT services. The biggest advantage of our help in IT is the ability to involve such a number of personnel and specialized in such area that are necessary for the functioning of your company. Our IT support covers optimization, security, automation as well as the effectiveness of the entire IT infrastructure. Each service we provide is in line with good practices and recommendations, in particular the ITIL standard and the agreed SLA parameters. Thanks to these guidelines, you can be sure that entrusting us with the IT support is the right decision. If you have a company in Gdansk, Gdynia or Sopot, do not hesitate to call us!

IT support for companies

IT support

Is a form of full IT outsourcing dedicated to companies and institutions with a more complex IT infrastructure. Comprehensive support provides 24h supervision over the proper functioning of all processes and immediate response in case of a failure.

IT support

Support includes monitoring of IT processes and responding to reported defects at a fixed time (SLA). Dedicated to enterprises that do not require a full-time IT job, who value professional advice and tailor-made solutions.

IT support

Is an option for customers who need occasional support that does not require an immediate response and covers, among others, consulting, purchase and configuration of equipment, reinstallation and updating of systems, or optimization of IT processes.


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Knowledge in the package

What today gives an advantage in the business world is knowledge and technology. Know-how, diverse experience, specialized personnel, access to the latest technologies in the area of IT are just some of the aspects that help our clients from Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot and the entire Pomeranian region to become leaders in their segment.

Substitute employees

Even in the best managed company, it is impossible to predict when an employee will get sick or leave work. With our support, you do not have to worry about it anymore, because we guarantee full replacement of our employees and help in the least expected time.

Momentary accumulation

The accumulation of works, i.e. peaks have become a standard for many companies, which is why we offer our clients assistance in situations when more specialized staff are needed. Remember that the cost of our transport to Gdańsk, Gdynia or Sopot is always free of charge.

Simple billing

One service, one invoice, one clear settlement in one month. In addition, a convenient payment date is what every company needs to be happy to use IT assistance or full IT outsourcing.


The quality with which we serve our clients is our top priority which our existing customers fully certify. That's why every time we give not only our word, but also a guarantee for the services we provide.

24/7 availability

The development of companies forces them to operate often 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By adjusting to our clients, we also provide IT outsourcing in such a system, which is why we are always at your disposal, regardless of the time of a failure.

Do you already have an IT department and you miss a link in it? Rent an employee!

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Informatization has already become a standard for companies, and not only an additional advantage as it was before. Informatization allows, first of all, to automate time-consuming processes, and thus directly reduce costs or increase prices thanks to higher quality of services provided. Another plus of informatization is the creation of corporate identity, which gives access to a virtually infinite and invaluable amount of data about your own company, including, among others, profitability of processes, effectiveness of introduced changes, performance of employees and many others. An important task of IT is also to share resources through increasingly complex computer networks. In practice, this gives you the option of passing on to employees only such a piece of information, we want to communicate to them.
IT specialist in the company

Failure handling

Lack of access to the Internet, server or computer reduces the productivity of the company, and this directly reduces its profits. A long-term failure may even lead to the project falling or the loss of an important contractor. Thus, it is so important to have IT support.


We know that prevention is better than cure. Therefore, after removing all current failures, preventive activities should be planned to avoid frequent recurring incidents. Only such action brings measurable and long-term savings for the company.


In the era when the opening of a suspicious attachment encrypts the entire computer, and entering an untrusted page may result in the loss or theft of data, we should pay special attention to the security of our resources. This is particularly important when we have sensitive data, e.g. of employees or contractors.


Nowadays, the company's development is related to the development of informatization. In order to increase its productivity, it is necessary to modify or cyclically replace the current IT infrastructure and related systems so that in the long-term they support the goals set for the company.


Optimization and automation of business processes is currently mainly conducted via advanced informatization of the company. Integration of IT systems, process monitoring, automatic response, improvement of network infrastructure or implementation of authoring solutions directly increases the efficiency of performance by systems and employees, and thus increases the efficiency of the company.


The remote support service (on-line) allows to connect to our clients' devices, such as a computer or server via the Internet. Thanks to this, our specialists can view and assess the scale of reported failure, directly on the device where the failure occurred. Remote assistance primarily speeds up the response to existing problems and allows to diagnose the form of support needed.
team viewer


The most often used software for remote assistance is the team viewer application. The remote desktop implemented in it helps in a safe and effective way to support our clients remotely through the configuration of their workstations, regardless of their current location.

We also provide remote assistance using the SSH protocol and console connections for advanced network devices.


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