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IT staff outsourcing

IT outsourcing managed by the client

of IT?

Outsourcing of IT crew (Body Leasing) is a form of short or long-term rental of employees.

Thanks to this form of cooperation, you do not have to engage your own resources for recruitment, employee’s implementation to work, HR or accounting. Thanks to the substitutability of employees, holidays or sick leave do not interrupt the continuity of the work entrusted. The main advantage of our offer, however, is the fact that the staff we hire are people with documented experience, working with us on a daily basis on contracted works.

of our staff

IT technician
PHP / SQL programmer
HTML / CSS / JS programmer
Android / iOS programmer
Project manager

Employee equipment

We provide employee equipped and ready for work


This is the basic tool of our employees. Each time we adjust its configuration to the needs of the clients we serve so that work on it meets all the requirements set for us.


Our employees are mobile, that's why they are able to support up to a dozen of your branches in Poland.


Systems for remote management, creation of virtualization, component diagnostics, infrastructure monitoring, data recovery are only a small part of our specialists' equipment. We make sure that their package is as wide as possible and always up-to-date to meet your requirements here and now.

IT staff


In the hands of our people it is not only a contact device. It also functions as an analyzer, wireless environment tester, inventory tool or mobile Helpdesk.


Our employees undergo regular trainings, so you can be sure that their knowledge is always at the highest level.


Each of our specialists has its own substitute, which from the beginning of cooperation is implemented in the specificity of work in your company, so that in the event of a holiday or absence, the continuity of work has been preserved.

Do you need IT support?

Are your needs too small to hire an employee? Order ordinary IT service.

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TEAMS of employees

Are your needs too small to hire an employee? Order ordinary IT service.
IT teams


We have the largest Polish companies in our portfolio