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Servers and server services

The center of IT is a server room


Frequently called a server room, it is the heart of the IT infrastructure with the most important and sensitive elements.

Servers and storages

They are designed to store and process information and provide a secure IT environment to the data.


It enables running multiple virtual servers on one physical machine. This allows you to increase the efficiency of using the equipment.

Cloud Services

They ensure the security of your company's data, such as invoices, customer data, contracts, as your documents are stored outside the company's headquarters.

Data backup

A solution that ensures continuous backups, enabling changes to be undone, and to restore all data that has been lost in the event of a failure.

Resource monitoring

Operation enabling quick detection of possible failures with simultaneous indication of their sources, and then informing about specific people or systems.

Guaranteed power supply

Emergency power supplies and aggregates ensure safe and continuous operation of IT environments with particular emphasis on server and network infrastructure.

Server administration

We manage physical machines, virtualization and server systems

Physical servers and disk matrices

Check why our contractors have started to cooperate with us.

Purchase and delivery
Cooperating only with the best suppliers, we ensure short delivery time and the highest quality of the equipment offered.
We systematically check the efficiency of the devices provided and operated by us. By diagnosing subassemblies, the level of their use, updates of environments or backups we can be sure that everything works as expected.
We administer all services installed in the Data Center, from e-mail servers, DNS or Web servers, through database and streaming servers, Java application servers and individually configurable environments.
Diagnosis and repair
Thanks to remote and direct support, we can respond to failure within the first 30 minutes of its occurrence. Our employees have the knowledge and the necessary tools needed to make a diagnosis as well as to remove failures or repair / replace specific components.
Our clients often work on already installed server rooms. To improve their performance, we update and replace their individual components.
An indispensable element that usually occurs when exchanging a server for a more efficient one. Thanks to our administrators and the flexibility of operation, our clients even do not feel the migration process itself, as we ensure their business continuity.
Through the implementation of IT infrastructure monitoring systems, we are able to detect the failure before it occurs. In addition, we have the ability to check the performance of subassemblies or fill the disks, which allows us to estimate future IT needs of a given company.
  • ibm
  • hp
  • dell
  • lenovo
  • fujitsu
  • qnap


It enables more efficient use of existing hardware resources of the IT environment through any (within hardware or software capabilities) modification of the features of virtualized resources, adapting them to the user's requirements.

infrastructure virtualization

VmwareCitrix XenHyper-VProxMoxOpenVZKVM

What is virtualization?

Thanks to virtualization it is possible to ensure the ability to uninterrupted access to data, services and systems, which reduces their inaccessibility time and eliminates the risk of data loss. Virtualization technologies enable, among others, transfer of virtual systems in on-line mode between physical devices, emergency start of a virtual system on another device, making snapshots of virtual systems, streamlining the backup process and remote replication. Virtualization solutions enable high availability in the area of systems and applications, even those that are not adapted to work in classic high-availability clusters.

Value for the customer:

First of all, virtualization enables more efficient use of resources by allocating them where they are needed at a given moment. It allows you to reduce the costs of purchase and maintenance of equipment due to the possibility of reducing the number of physical devices while maintaining the same functionality and system performance. To a very large extent, it also affects the continuity of the system's operation due to the lack of attachment of services to the designated physical elements of the system.

Optimization of the infrastructure in the server layer is done mainly by consolidation of many operating systems on a small number of efficient servers. This is a scheme leading to the creation of such an infrastructure model that allows you to effectively use the free resources of your servers, reduce the costs of IT infrastructure use, reduce the waiting time to adapt the server infrastructure to changing business needs, simplify and improve server management level.

Server operating systems

They enable the use of functions normally unavailable to classic operating systems. Thanks to improved virtualization and WWW network, they enable greater flexibility of the server infrastructure and increase its reliability.

  • windows server
  • free BSD
  • redhat linux
  • OS X Server
  • Debian Linux

Managed VPS

Fully managed VPS environment available in our cloud for any type of solution. An efficient, highly available and secure environment for enterprise applications. We migrate, optimize, monitor and manage your systems.


We deliver ready-made cloud platforms in the Private Cloud and Public Cloud from A to Z. We design infrastructure, select top-class equipment and the most modern and most stable cloud management software.


We provide ready-made tools for work in the cloud, ensuring their high efficiency, security and uninterrupted work. A wide range of tools, frequent updates and new items. Focus on using, leave management to us.

Resource monitoring

It is an automatic and constant control over your servers, workstations, network infrastructure or peripheral devices that allows you to see impending threats. Properly configured resources also help diagnose the problem and increase the security of the entire IT system.

Monitoring of resources is divided into:

- monitoring of physical systems

- monitoring of virtual systems

- monitoring of operating systems (including processes and services)

- monitoring of databases

- monitoring of network infrastructure

- monitoring of incidents and their escalation

- inventory hardware and software

IT monitoring


Increase the safety of your enterprise.

Creating a copy

This is the process of duplicating data in incremental, differential or full format. Thanks to us, you choose the one fitting exactly to the needs of your company.

Restoring a copy

When the server or computer crashes, we can restore all its contents on new hardware even without the necessity of having it previously configurated.

Backup in the cloud

In addition to the possibility of convenient access to your data, the "cloud" will also increase the security through geographical distance, e.g. during physical damage to the Data Center.

Transport of carriers

This service allows you to safely and quickly transfer media between distant branches. We also provide a safe place for storage of carriers in the area of Gdańsk.


It allows you to avoid problems in your infrastructure before there is an immediate threat to your data or the fluidity of your services.


As the name suggests, versioning means storing different versions of the same file with the possibility of retrieving it later. This functionality is particularly useful with unwanted changes in resources.

Secure your data center against voltage loss!

We provide and install UPS, power generators and carry out comprehensive installations with an automatic switching system.


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