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Software legality audit

Make sure that your company is operating in accordance with the law.

What is an audit
of legality software?

Performed by specialists.

The software legality audit is an element of the IT resource management process based on the analysis of the status of the software installed in the organization, ordering and supplementing the shortages of the license. It is addressed to enterprises and public institutions.

The audit report includes:
- detailed information about your license documentation,
- a detailed list of the installed software on each computer in the company,
- comparison of the number of recognized licenses with the number of installed programs,
- conclusions and proposals of solutions in the event of incompliance of the number of licenses with the amount of installed software;

The software audit does not result in any legal consequences. It only protects your company against penalties imposed by state authorities.

software legality audit
Consequences of illegal software


Prevention is better than ...

Possession of illegal software by the company exposes it to a huge risk of incurring financial penalties and, in extreme cases, may result in getting the persons responsible in the company jailed for up to 5 years.

The main threat in the case of having illegal software are financial penalties after the control of the relevant State authorities. The penalties for this type of breaking the law includes the payment of the amount to three times the value of a given software or the compensation for unjust enrichment in the form of a percentage of the profits of the organization, which were gained when using the given software. In extreme cases might be put a penalty of jail for up to 5 years to those held responsible.

Another threat is the increased risk of buying malfunctioning software and exposure to destructive viruses that can damage files with company-relevant documents.


Software inventory

It involves semi-automatic verification of actually installed software on all workstations and servers covered by the audit. The result is a sheet with listed all the software installed in the company.


Inventory of license

During the inventory of license, a list of all purchase receipts, media, license keys and appropriate licenses is made to create a single inventory of software approved for use within the organization.


Analysis of the company's results and needs

The analysis consists of making a comparison between the state of the actually installed software and the number and type of licenses held by the organization. In addition, at this stage, the company's needs for application software are verified.


Preparation of the report

The final report after the audit indicates illegally used software, precisely indicating the place of the installation and suggests what type of software and in what quantity is necessary for the proper functioning of the company.


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