code audit report

  Exemplary report

The comprehensive audit report is a very comprehensive document that requires a lot of work and experience. It contains information on:

  • technology used
  • correct use of the framework
  • the efficiency of the source code
  • vulnerability to XSS, Sql Injection, CSRF, DoS attacks
  • scalability of the source code
  • databases (degree of optimization and normalization of the database)
  • application architecture
  • quality and reliability of the manufacturing process
  • costs of modification during maintenance and development
  • the degree of resistance to change and refactoring
  • clarity of the code
  • quality of documenting the code
  • quality of tests (if performed in an automated manner)

The culmination of each post-audit report is the indication of inconsistencies and errors and outlining recommendations, the implementation of which is necessary for the proper functioning of the application or estimation of the reasonableness of the system development.