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Integration of systems

Cooperation as a key to success.

Integration of information systems

Connect many systems into one efficiently functioning organism.

Integration means automation

Every IT infrastructure is heterogeneous to some extent, having solutions from different manufacturers, from different periods or in different technologies. Nevertheless, most of these systems must work together or are simply linked to one another by a set of data or users.

This therefore leads to rewriting manually data from the system to the system, creating manual statements or duplicating data sets for each of the systems. The solution to this issue is the integration (connection) of two or more operating systems in order to automate operations or to simplify system construction, which directly translates into its volume. A one-time investment is profitable for years because it reduces the costs and work time of your company's staff.


Check what else your system can have.


Facebook allows you to integrate registration and logging in to facilitate access to your system.
Additionally, it has the ability to automatically upload data from the system on the FB site, download a list of friends, verify published posts and many other facilities.

Our system integrations


Amazon Web Services offers an almost infinite number of cloud services. From remote computing power, through storage to services that support the creation and maintaining of mobile applications. Current trends in the creation of computer systems tend to bring logic to external high-performance and secure systems of the largest players on the market. We would be glad to integrate your application with AWS.


The GOOGLE disk is a very grateful in usage and relatively easy to implement environment for storing files used in your cloud systems. Google gives you the opportunity to use the simple REST API and the more advanced RealTime API. It is worth considering using such a solution in company’s applications.

google drive


The ARDUINO platform in the current edition allows you to manage any device and measure virtually every environmental parameter. Our engineers create dedicated electronic circuits, then program them for communication via the API available over the ethernet network. Finally, they integrate the system prepared in this way with the business application that already exists in the organization, which requires it.


Currently, everyone wants to be able to locate their shipments, employees, cars or defects. Unfortunately, the display of coordinates is not enough. Google, however, allows you to show the location on the map, calculate distances, estimate travel times and set areas in a relatively simple way after integrating with the service. This is one of the most common integrations we make.

google maps
raspberry PI


Raspberry PI is a mini-computer dedicated to, among other things, unusual solutions such as environmental monitoring, media player, monitoring server and many more. We have many times configured this microcomputer with the appropriate sensors and equipment to finally securely share the collected data to the existing system of the customer, which was supposed to obtain that data or manage the external device.



In the first step you need to know the client's business expectations and verify technical capabilities. Then decide which systems and to what extent will be integrated. Estimate the costs and prepare the project along with the schedule.



We usually integrate the existing system with a new system or cloud service. First of all, appropriate modifications and configuration of the service parameters should be made so that the process of data exchange between the integrated systems can be started.



In the next step, it's time to prepare a home integration system. For this purpose, most often we create a set of methods and classes responsible for the processing of exchanged data and build an API that directly allows receiving and sending information between integrated systems.



The final step is to test functional completeness, performance and system response to anomalies in communication between them. It is particularly important to verify the quality of the systems' work during problems at the computer network level. After successful tests, the correct functioning of such an integrated super system should be monitored.


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