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ICT networks

A network of IT devices is always a medium for data

Computer and telephone networks

We design, create and manage to the full extent
Computer Networks

Information transmission

It is a process involving the transmission of any message between the sender and the recipient, stored in a specified, understandable by both code and on the specified path. Wired transmission or wireless transmission media may be used to carry out the transmission (transfer of the message). In the general case, there may be more than one recipient of the transmitted information. If the message is addressed only to a selected group among the pool of potential recipients, we are talking about multicasting, and if the message is intentionally intended for everyone without any restrictions – broadcasting. In the case of computer networks, such as the Internet, special broadcast IP addresses with a standard form are used. Long-distance transmission plays a special role as it ensures data flow between centers cooperating with each other, separated by thousands of kilometers. Thanks to the use of appropriate technologies, it can be done in real time, with guaranteed high quality.

Network management

Device configuration

We configure network switches and routers. We guarantee high network functionality in all its aspects, while ensuring the highest security.

VPN networks

They are characterized by high efficiency and high level of security. To ensure confidentiality of transmitted data during the VPN connection, encryption is used.

Dynamic / static routing

We will help you choose the best form of routing for your company. Depending on the size of the network and the requirements set by you, we will improve its performance.

High availability installations

Guarantee of system efficiency in the event of failure of individual components, full scalability and service system in motion are just some of the advantages of HA or HPC technology.


It is a mechanism of network load balancing that guarantees smooth and stable operation of IT services.

Tunneling of services

It creates one network even for very distant branches. Thanks to this, all your data is safe as if it remained in one geographical structure.

We have a wide range of network equipment suppliers and preferential prices!

Network design and construction

Our offer includes the design and construction of networks in copper, fiber optic and wireless technology.

We have many years of experience in the field of designing, building new and modernizing existing computer networks. During the creation of the project, we focus on such elements as layout of cabling, network equipment placement, signal coverage in the case of wireless networks, creation of addressing scheme, compliance with TIA / EIA standards or layout of individual rooms' functionality. Thanks to this, our networks are scalable, adapted to the use of the latest technologies, secured against the unauthorized access, and distribution points are easily accessible to technical staff. We always round up all our work with tests of the entire infrastructure and detailed documentation.

Structural cabling

We design and build structural networks based on copper cables and fiber optics, and also perform dedicated electrical installations for the needs of ICT infrastructure.

WIFI wireless networks

Experience in the design and implementation of wireless networks for office solutions and industry has allowed us to develop a comprehensive offer in the supply of secure solutions, based on proven standards and security practices used in WIFI networks.

Data center construction

We also specialize in the construction of server rooms. The solutions we offer are characterized by high quality, technological innovation and special care for data security.

projektowanie sieci komputerowych

Network monitoring

Prevent failures before they are created.

The IT environment monitoring system makes it possible to observe whether the basic functions of the IT infrastructure, critical to the organization, work correctly. In the event of a failure, it guarantees an immediate response of a specialist, which translates into a possible quick removal of the fault.

Telephone systems.

We manage physical machines, virtualization and server systems

We offer a number of solutions

We introduce the most modern telecommunications solutions.
We build, manage and configure telephone systems, using the most effective solutions and implementing the equipment of the best producers on the telecommunications market.

Telephones center
We install and adapt telephones centers to the individual needs of the company. As part of the service, we offer a whole spectrum of solutions, such as internal numbers, redirections, call recording, permissions or a message system.
Systems of teleconference
We offer teleconferencing and videoconferencing systems that enable not only communication between distant centers, but also translations, detailed data transfer and real-time meeting registration.
VoIP telephony
This is a great proposition for all companies that want to reduce costs while improving telephone communication. We can design, install and configure our products, and then manage and modernize your telephone system.
Systems for CallCenter
It is a package of solutions that automate and optimize customer relationship management. The solutions we propose allow you to automatically dial and receive calls along with queuing and logging, creating statistics, silently joining calls or a system of evaluating consultants. We offer these solutions both in the model where the installation takes place in the client's company as well as in the service model using resources in the cloud.
Call recording
In many companies dealing with telephone customer service, call recording becomes an indispensable element of the telecommunications system. The systems implemented by us allow for simultaneous recording of many calls at the indicated positions, including their encryption and easy access to them. With the help of this technology, you can increase the qualifications of your call center staff contacting with clients and contractors, take care of the high quality of service and resolve disputable issues with it.
GSM / VoIP gateways
These are modern solutions for your company in the field of communication that allow for, among others, connecting the telephone line between the IP PBX and the traditional telephone exchange. In addition, many of the IP and GSM gateways enable connecting ISDN lines and analog lines to any telecommunication server operating in IP technology. Thanks to this, you will increase the flexibility of your telephony and reduce monthly bills for it.
Phone applications (CTI)
A system that integrates a public network telephone and PBX control with a computer operating in a LAN to create automated server-based services (TServer) and a CTI link (link between the telephone exchange and the server).
Systemy telefoniczne

Solution providers

We work with leading global and Polish producers of telecommunication equipment and software, whose solutions correctly implemented and applied allow you to optimize and automate the work of your company.

  • cisco
  • asterisk
  • polycom
  • grandstream
  • slican

Network audits.

Use our experience in the field of computer networks by auditing your own infrastructure. Thanks to such a solution, you can detect elements that reduce its security or performance.

Network measurements

We deliver ready-made cloud platforms in the Private Cloud and Public Cloud from A to Z. We design infrastructure, select top-class equipment and state-of-the-art and the most stable cloud management software.


We offer the creation of a database on the company's network infrastructure, including networked active devices, workstations, portable computers and structured cabling. The documentation created in this process will allow you to assess performance, risk and to manage and expand the company network in an easier way.


We have the largest Polish companies in our portfolio