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Mobile applications

Work effectively wherever you want, whenever you want.


Mobile applications have many advantages over mobile websites

Locating the user

Most phones have a built-in GPS system that allows you to automatically or manually locate one’s phone and use this knowledge in any way.

Phone’s multimedia

The advantage of any mobile application is the ease of access to audio-video systems that can be used for the tasks of our application

PUSH messages

Mobile applications can receive messages in real time even when the application is "disabled”.

phone applications

Device identification

Unlike a computer or a web browser, mobile phones have their own unique UDID number that allows to clearly identify specific devices using the system

Operation without a network

Unlike mobile websites, a mobile application can work without access to a local network or the Internet.

Different distribution method

The application is installed from a file provided only to a group of interested persons or distributed on virtual markets for a fee or completely free.

mobile application

A mobile application for Android or iOS
Phone app
Vertical orientation
Standard graphics
One language version
No integration with the WWW / API
The basic scope of functionality
Implementation of Google Play or the App Store
Delivery time from 2 weeks to 1 month

5 000 – 20 000 zł
* estimated net price

mobile application

Mobile application for Android and iOS systems
An app for phone and tablet
Vertical orientation
Simple graphic design
Two language versions
Integration with WWW or API
Extended scope of functionality
Implementation of Google Play and the App Store
Delivery time from 1 month to 3 months

20 000 – 50 000 zł
* estimated net price

mobile application

Mobile application for systems: Android, iOS and Windows
An app for phone and tablet
Vertical and horizontal orientation
Advanced graphic design
Several language versions
Advanced integration with WWW or API
An advanced range of functionality
Implementation of Google Play, App Store and Windows Phone
Delivery time over 3 months

from 50 000 zł
* estimated net price


Almost every internet user has a device that allows the installation of a mobile application.


Smartphone owners

The smartphone is a portable telephone device that combines the functions of a mobile phone and a pocket computer with a touch screen.


Tablet holders

Tablet is a portable personal computer modeled on laptops, while in appearance reminiscent of a large smartphone.


SmartTV owners

Smart TV is a device that combines the functions of typical receivers and smartphones. Allows you to install dedicated mobile applications.


SmartWatch holders

SmartWatch is a portable wearable touch screen mobile device that fulfills all the functions of a traditional watch and has some of the functions of a smartphone.

mobile applications
iphone applications


The benefits of using different methods of interaction with the application and the knowledge of application’s developers about the user's habits allow for create mobile applications that are fully intuitive. The power of such tools lies in simplicity and what follows it is the effectiveness of both the application itself and the employee who uses it.


We build both hybrid and native applications on all popular system platforms such as: Android, iOS and WindowsPhone.

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